Customer Service

Realizing that today’s students and their parents expect an exemplary service delivery, at Grand Campus Living we instill world-class customer service and resident appreciation skills to every associate. Our ability to deliver consistent service across our managed portfolio stems from our attention to associate training and hands-on leadership involvement on a daily basis. The company’s Core Values ensure that all associates know that it’s not just the hard work that can make a difference in resident’s life, but also the heart work that helps make their connection to a Grand Campus Living community even stronger. By creating an enriching and rewarding work environment, our leadership team creates an environment for superb resident satisfaction unlike any other company in the industry.

Innovative Approach

At Grand Campus Living, we thrive on providing successful client innovation. Innovation and fresh thinking is, afterall, why we do what we do so well. Our entire team, from our leadership to the key student peer employees on-site, look at every community with a fresh perspective to ensure our clients receive the results promised. How do we do it?


Besides having over two decades of experience in successfully managing
and repositioning assets, our leadership team continues to visit the communities
to ensure team members feel
appreciated and learn from the experience gained in our industry. This level of commitment enables us to ensure best practices and institutional knowledge are delivered seamlessly.


It is our mantra - the lifeblood for our culture and the impetus of our company. We believe that happy associates provide best-of-industry service and the results
our clients have come to expect. It is those
reasons that we invest in associate training and provide clear career
paths for our team.


Every asset, regardless of ownership, deserves a customized approach to ensuring our clients' goals and objectives are being met. Our unique approach to property and market assessment provides specific marketing and positioning plans unique to each asset. This approach requires key leadership overview but the results are far superior.



As we aspire and inspire. We attract, develop and retain the best talent in our business. By challenging our associates, demonstrating a "can-do" attitude and fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment, we are the dream job.



We are committed to helping our clients grow their business by managing every asset as if it were our own. We continuously seek avenues to improve efficiencies and generate capital for our owners.


We treat all customers, associates, clients and business partners with respect, fairness and honesty at all times.


We are committed to our clients and customers and will act with an owner mentality to maximize property performance and add value to each asset.



Part of what makes our culture unique is how we rely upon deeply felt values and principles to guide us in our work. When the whistle blows at the end of the day, our spirit of service continues. Aspen Heights Partners encourages charitable activities at the corporate level and locally
in our communities.